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The Defence & Peace Economics article,in Vol 17(2) April 2006 entitled "The Effect of Defence R&D on Military Equipment Quality"

Studies into the output of R&D generally take a qualitative view of case histories and do not provide a quantitative template for the analysis of 'cause and effect' suited to investment management. This study describes the development of a quantitative model of the relationship between defence R&D and equipment capability. Using open source data, the military equipment quality of 10 nations has been evaluated from 1971 to 2005 and time-dependent correlation with R&D investment back to 1951 analysed. We find that the nations studied 'got what they paid for', with their R&D expenditure positively correlated with equipment capability. The observed variability in equipment quality was most highly correlated with R&D spend 10-25 years earlier. Click here The Britain & Security Article entitled "Strategic Directions for UK Defence Research & Development"

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In conjunction with McKinsey & Company, an article called "From R&D investment to fighting power, 25 years later" which was published as part of the McKinsey on Government series, No 5 Special Issue: Defence. Click here

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A short article on future surveillance technology from an infantry perspective from Defence & Security Systems International, Volume 1, 2010. Click here

A survey of defence R&D spending in Europe by defence companies is here

An article on the technology transfer potential of printed light weight electronics in unmanned air vehicles is here

Steven wrote the new history of the Royal Anglian Regiment, published to coincide with the 50th anniversary celebrations in September 2014. Called “Aden to Afghanistan” further information is here on the Regimental website:

It is also available from Amazon here

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